Fast Time to Market

With our Isolutions you can deliver your digital products and services to market faster and safely. We believe that fast proof of concept will also increase your bussines valued products.

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Reduce Cost

While we speed up your digital transformation we provide one point of contac for end to end solution. Which means that your operations takes less time.

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Simplified Integration

Our solution can be fully operated easily to use RESTful API. With our user friendly api definition and mapping screens you can define your web services in several minutes.

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Each Data to Value

We collect data from existing systems, sensors and connected equipments. With our strong Normalization tool you can process your data and bring it to value.

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Smart Shift Plan
a smart shop platform

with our integrated smart solutions, we speed up and manage our shop customers digital transformation.

Smart Shift Planning

We collect the customers numbers for each shop and allow to plan next day/week shifts by using our prediction models.

Behavior Based
Location Analytics

With the solution you can easily calculate the traffic in front of your shop, the size coming in and how long they stay.


Shop Monitoring Screen

for all digital features/services (daily energy usage, conversion, targets, alarms ...) we provide one monitoring screen.

Smart Energy

with our solution, we can easily integrate with existing energy solutions and display the current usage. At overuses shop managers will be warned.

Discover great feautres

we increase your capabilities whenever we bring up a new smart connected product.


Smart Shift Plan

Smart Shift Plan is mainly focus for cost savings at shops. With our platform we first transform the data to digital and convert it to bussiness valued products. Day by day with our Device/Data Providers and Solution Providers we develops new digital products for our customers


extra great features

we are currently working on the features below

looking for partners

WiFi Smart Call Button

with this digital product shoppers will be able to get any help at shop or in dressing cabin when they need. This feature makes cost saving on shift

development will start soon

Location Based Smart Campaign

soon will be explained. Thing that it is rainy and you are able to publish your rainy campaign for the shop(s) at region

at roadmap

Pool Device

integrate the pool results with platform to bring new values for the shop managers where they can be notified at any unexpected case

developing / looking for partners

any smart shop solution/device vendor

We already integrated some smart solutions/devices with our platform. But we are always open for new ones

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